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Confused About mRNA “Vaccines” in Meat? That’s Exactly How They Want It

icon Jan 11, 2024

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icon April 13, 2023

Nefty Ivan

Does cooking [heat], or, any other food preparation techniques, effectively mitigate or destroy the mRNA impact on our bodies?

PS: thank you for your contributions to the national discussion.

    icon April 13, 2023


    I am not an expert by any means, but the last study I read on the topic indicated that the synthetic mRNA injected into livestock is not destroyed by heat in the cooking process. Looking at it from the parasitic perspective, cooking pork might kill live Trichinella but it doesn’t destroy the eggs. Unless you render your food into ash, you’re not going to damage genetic material – but the acids in your gut typically take care of that.

    When you eat beef, you don’t incorporate the cow DNA into your genetic profile. Your stomach acids break down the genetic material itself, and you absorb whatever nutrients your body needs through the lining of your intestines. The same is true for RNA. That said, there’s generally very little genetic material in the actual flesh of a living creature – most of it is found in the blood and bone marrow.

    The concern I have with mRNA is more about whether your stomach acids are able to break down the synthetic carriers in which biotech companies encapsulate their mRNA products for delivery. Natural RNA is very volatile and will break down quite quickly, especially within your personal biome. But the insidious pharmaceutical companies have done a ton of research into overcoming that particular natural limitation.

    Until more is known, you won’t go wrong by avoiding pork altogether (as it’s been tampered with the most) and getting all your protein from local farmers’ markets — from people you’ve personally gotten to know and are able to trust.

icon April 13, 2023

Shaun Greiner

Your way off base saying all pigs have received mRNA vaccine in the US. I worked for Merck during that time period and they did not have 100 percent market share. Not even 40 percent. If the products that they sell increased mortality they would have been pulled from the market ASAP.
I no longer work for Merck so I don’t have any skin in the game. You are trying to create fear amongst the consumer which is a terrible thing. Sell your product on its merits!

    icon April 13, 2023


    Any percentage of any food product injected with unnatural genetic material should be a concern for everyone, especially in the absence of labeling requirements. You accuse the author of stoking fear – perhaps you SHOULD be very concerned about where this is headed.

    icon April 13, 2023

    June Cleaver

    And we should believe you? All pharma are not to be trusted. They’ve taught us that over the span of the past 3 years. Have you learned nothing, Shaun?

    icon April 13, 2023


    You worked for Merck, that’s enough not to trust one word you say. And it’s ” you’re” not “your way off base”.

icon April 13, 2023


“If the products that they sell increased mortality they would have been pulled from the market ASAP.”

Heard that one before. Several times, in fact.

The Masters of the Universe are infallible!


icon April 13, 2023

Cindy C

Call your favorite high-end steakhouses and ask them how they will ensure no mrna shots are in the meat they sell. Ask every butcher in every store you shop in. Start putting the pressure on the retailers now. They don’t want unsellable inventory.

icon April 13, 2023

red byrd

when they experimented with giving mRNA vaxx to cows, one out of four died fairly quickly. would ranchers be stupid enough to vaxx and lose one fourth of their herd? not only that but they are now finding the vaxx to drastically lower fertility. for any of that vaxx to have an effect on a human it has to be injected into the body or they would give us all pills. cooking and stomach acid would not let foreign particles have too much influence on your system.

icon April 13, 2023

Scott Thomas Keller

What can be done about it? That’s the question. How can the masses push back on this or create a barrier to their schemes?

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